Monday, February 20

What Goes Around Comes Around

Today, as I was working on posts for the next couple of days, I started going into this weird psychology mode and started questioning everything. Mostly stupid things like "Why is a graham cracker bland and a animal cracker sweet if crackers are supposed to be salty?" But one, wasn't so dumb- Why is there such thing as trends and why do they always come back somehow? Get ready to play 20 questions now, LOL.

We know what they are, we like them, we follow them, and most of us would be amazingly proud to set them. But why are they such a huge part of fashion? Do we after a while just miss the old things we used to wear and all of a sudden love them again? Who gets to "choose" these things? Are our top designers running out of inspiration and revert back to things that are "out"? Did trends start with just one tomboy's carefree attempt to bring back the dead and unstylish? Why can only certain people wear them and look right? What is "looking right"?Do the people of today adore the simplicity of life back then in the no-fashion-sense days and try to emulate it? Why would they? Did we start to mistake the definition of retro to mean just any worthless thing not found in stores anymore? Isn't there a reason the stores stop selling certain items after a while? Who determines these trends; The buyers, the stores, or the designers? Isn't it a cycle?; How can we determine where the fashion thing started in the 1st place? How long should you wait to expect a new one to come along? With so many people and style wannabes in the world, is it EVER possible to be the first one to do or wear anything anymore? I don't know, I was just thinking.

I know that was only 14 questions but the "20 questions" sounded better. Just think "LLEEETTSSS PLAAYYY 14 QUEESTTIONS *in host's voice*" It just sounds corny, LOL. Anyway, what do you guys think? Anything in fashion you've always questioned?


  1. Those unwearable pieces that designers make that look so expensive (Not coture and not gaga worthy either) what happens to them after the show. do pple really buy such things? and if they do what do they do with them???


    1. so true! they're always so extreme and just plain unrealistic. i doubt anyone is going to walk into Walmart wearing full on feather hats that stick out 3 feet from their head. i see where your coming from.