Saturday, February 18

Spring Staples I Need

As February is almost over already, I have been adding finishing touches to my Spring wardrobe and jewelry box. There's a couple of things I absolutely have to try though. They are new, and some old styles but I'd still give them a shot. They're listed below. I won't go all out explaining them in this post, but separate detailed posts are to come. What are your spring must-haves?

Coral EVERYTHING. The polish, the lipgloss, headbands, crew socks. This is my new color.
Weird shaped sunglasses like rounded, hearts, and neon or pastel colors.
Multi-Confetti polish gives my nails a 3D effect, especially with multiple coats.
Metallic sneakers are much cuter than metallic flats and give an overly chic  (if that's possible) look a sporty edge. Example- high waisted short, funky belt, plain tank and a cardigan paired with these. Cute right?
See through shirts that have detail like lace, crochet, and fringe are very in this season. Even mixtures of both are cute like a lace-front top with a mesh back (DIY coming soon if I can find one)
With newly pierced 2nd earholes, I needed some studs to spice up the new holes. making it easier when deciding which earrings to choose in the morning- BOTH!
Scarves with fun graphics and patterns add some flare to a casual-dressed day. 


  1. love the metallic sneakers <3

    xx Daisy

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    1. AGRREEDD! btw, recently saw your blog- LOVE IT!