Current Obsession

"Just in CASE you haven't noticed..."
[So, I get obsessed...a lot. This page will possibly change twice a week with one of my new fashion related "passions". Literally, one week I may consider being a bottle cap collector but by the next week, I'll be determined to find glow-in-the-dark spray paint that won't fade from bike tires. Don't judge me.]

          I'm a case maniac. My iPhone must always be dressed as particular as me. I currently have over 25 cases, with some still currently on a ship from Hong Kong. Phones deserve an outfit too!

Yup, this can't be psychologically healthy for me. This, isn't even all of them...
          My new denim shirt is my life! I've searched all over, high and low priced, from TJMaxx to J.Crew and didn't find quite the perfect one until now. Outfit posts, are in the near future!

          Statement jewelry is a new realm of style I've been loving this fall. More posts are in the making.

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          New beauty and makeup trends are also the wave in the Brittney pond lately. Not to mention the way I've turned the Reminders app on my phone into a way to create lists of must-haves for Fall. I've strayed FAR from using it as a "Reminders and Grocery List" app...

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