Sunday, January 8

Closet Makeover Tips

This new year, I felt that I needed to make change. "Eat better? Learn to use a pogo stick? Be neater?", I thought to myself, but I am already as neat as it gets! However as neat as I am, my closet was atrocious and I was especially determined to get it better. With it being very small, I wasn't sure how I could possibly "expand" it or "utilize all the vertical space". After vigorous research and experiance with my own personal closet, here's what I came up with.

1) Clean out EVERYTHING. Then sweep, and swipe the Swiffer through it a bit. Use Windex or Clorox to wipe down everything else. Throw away things that you think to yourself "Hmm, I may need it...for day". Donate or sell if still in good shape- like a shirt you never wore, a gift you don't like, or a garment that you wanted to return but lost the receipt. Repaint if necessary.

2) Put in multiple shelves. Instead of rods or double hangers, use metal wire shelves that would fit. That way, you can hang clothes on it, and get top storage. To choose where to put it, make sure that if you were to hagn your longest shirt on it, that it's at least 5 inches off of the floor.

3) Sort and file. Use adorable storage bins and keepsake boxes to tuck away items. Also allow papers, scrapbooks, winter sweaters, nail polishes, or other things to be stacked. Buy no more than 3 large and 2 small bins though because any more than that makes your closet not only look like a storage room, but also that many boxes is sure to be confusing, even with labels.

4) Utilize the door! Put an over the door shoe organizer, mirror, belt and scarf hook, or a even just a line of DIY nails slapped into the top of the door. Put up a cork board to stick up your clothes wishlist or something too.

5) Remove all on-floor shoe organizers. Things like shoe racks on the floor takes up room and with not hold things like boots or heels well anyway. Instead, put shoes on the floor or put a shelf in to store shoes on the door, or on the closet's wall if you can fit it.

6) Store out of season clothing elsewhere. Put bathing suits, winter sweaters, and the raincoats in a basement, attic, or wherever you store things in your home.

7) Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. Putting a mirror on the inside of the door, and a small one on a shelf inside the closet will let you get a rear view of your hair that day and also gives the closet the illusion of being huge!

8) Add a lamp. A little light sometimes can come in handy and make the room feel less dense.

Here's an example of utilizing all space from top to bottom. Pictures of my personal closet and recommended organization products with prices and links coming in the next post!


                                  ~Send in pics of your transformed closet!

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