Monday, February 6

Madonna Wins the Super Bowl

Showing off her moves: Madonna was seen throwing shapes around the stage
Congratulations to the New York Giants for beating the Patriots in the 46th Super Bowl! I don't follow football, so I impatiently sit through all of the time-outs, field goals, touch downs, interceptions, injuries and tackles until the half-time performance. Speaking of the half time performance, this year Madonna performed with quick 30-second appearances from Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, Cee Lo Green, and M.I.A. But boy oh boy, did you see Madonna's beginning outfit? Check it out.

I LOVE it. The best part for me are the detailed embellished leather gloves, the over-the-knee leather gold buckled boots, and the astonishing detail on the collar and belt area of the dress. She kept her makeup simple, her mic matching, and her hair perfectly curled. Could you find ways to use this as inspiration for an everyday outfit?

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