Wednesday, November 30

Style SPOT!: Combat/Lace-up Boots

Lately, there has barely been a normal looking boot in sight! They've all been boots that need to be laced up like an X-high sneaker! They're called combat boots and they come in mostly neutral tones like black, brown, and tan. I have 2 pairs myself. One is the usual brown color, however, it has almost like sponged spots of a lighter brown on them- Very vintage! The other pair I wasn't planning to buy but its gorgeous, unique creme color with patterned laces forced me to! (In the pic below I put the plain laces in.) BTW, both of mine were both under $25. Break old trends without breaking the bank! Look at the pic for an idea of how to put together combat boots with cute tuxedo leggings, a knit top, a denim jacket, and VERY few accessories.

Send pics of your favorite pair of combat or lace-up boots (whether they're yours or not) to!

Tuesday, November 22

New: ROXYmodae Site

You've read the blog, you've liked the style, so now, get  ready for a ROXYmodae website! From the website, you'll be able to access the blog, more pictures, and all new ROXYmodae products*. You can also email me through a safe email forum. In progress now, and everyday til' it's done, the ROXYmodae website! Up during construction too! Visit it at

*Not up yet- wait 'til June 2012!

Thursday, November 17

Newly Added

Newly added to ROXYmodae, an "ABOUT ME" page, and a "PICTURES" page. Learn more about the creator, web designer, photographer, writer, and publisher of ROXYmodae. Also take a second to look at some great fashion shots. Check em' out now!

Toasty (Cutie) Pie

This season, stay bundled up without going blah. Try jackets with fun prints like plaid and hounds-tooth, bright colors like orange, red, and burgundy, or lots of large buttons, spikes, or zippers. Also get on some leather gloves, adorable boots, and a perfect autumn hat. Stay toasty, but cute!

For inspiration- check out H&M, and Lord & Taylor for full fashion portfolios of cute winter looks. (Pictures coming soon!)

Wednesday, November 16

Accessories Granted

Hey fashionistas! Today I've posted some great jewelry, sold by Nicola Hampson. She specializes in buying one-of-a-kind jewelry, then re-selling it to family, friends, and other customers wanting some unique jewelry! Recently, I went to her website and even stopped by her house to get some business cards. Here are some pictures of the merchandise. To see more jewelry, detailed pictures, or ways to contact her, visit

Inked Metal Drop Earring
Brown, and Black Separate Body Necklaces
Beaded Dropdown Necklace
Drop-Down Crystaled Tri-Chain
Drop-Down Crystaled Tri Chained (same as previous pic)
Chained Long Drop-down Chain
Multi-Sized Chained Necklace
Multi-Sized Chained Necklace (same as previous - up close)
Charmed Leather-String Long Necklace

Tuesday, November 15

Email ROXYmodae

Luckily, I have refreshed my memory with the Blogger tools and from now on, every time you see the ROXYmodae email written in hot pink instead of uniformed in gray, you can click it to automatically pull up the Windows Live email box and you can start your email immediately!

Thursday, November 10

Channel UP!: Ashley's Beauty Corner

New channel for ya! Her name is Ashley and she too, has a makeup tutorial channel. It has some cool tips and tricks so check it out right here, but don't forget to come back and tell us how you liked it!

Channel UP!: igaby04

On my recent YouTube search for great channels that would compliment the purpose of ROXYmodae, I found this channel and igaby04 is the name! For all video things fashion, makeup, and hair, visit Gaby! After watching a couple, b/c you can't watch just one, come back to ROXYmodae and tell me what you think! Watch below for just one of over 100 of Gaby's videos. Check em' out!

Wednesday, November 9

STYLE SPOT!: Fall Face

My friends at COVERGIRL helped me out today and shared a little secret. By the time you're done reading this new post, you'll have the perfect Autumn makeup face!

This post is all about bringing out your natural beauty. As a corny commercial would say, the beauty is there, so highlight it! You'll use some subtle color choices that will not only get rid of the tiny flaws you may have, but also bring out your best features. Click here, then come back and tell us how you like the tip. Send us pics of your fall face and be on the PICTURES page! Include "Fall Face" as your subject box line.

*If you don't want to be on the page, still send us your emails! Just make sure to include "Fall Face NFP" in the subject box.

Channel UP!: Cute Polish

Hey ladies! So, you remember the last in TACK with NAILS I posted right? (It's right below if you wanna refresh your memory.) Now, I've got a whole new YouTube channel to help you get those cute nails, all the time! Visit the channel: Cute Polish on YouTube now, then come back and share your findings with me, or even send some of your own nail polish tutorial videos!

Sunday, October 16

in TACK with NAILS!: 2Tone & Newspaper

ROXYmodae is introducing to you our newest segment, "in TACK with NAILS!" Get that little joke there? TACK and NAILS in the same title- LOL. Gotta love it! Anyway, every time we spot a new trend for those 10 little trend mannequins on your fingers, it'll be up here. Whether it be videos, instructions, a post on another blog, a link, or just a pic, you'll have every cute and stylish nail idea out there.

Today's TACKs are 2-Tone nails and Newspaper Nails. Check it out!

~To start, you can do any pre-nailpainting routine you'd normally do like buffing, cleaning, soaking, whatever it may be~

1. Pick 2 colors that look great together like black and white, red and pink, blue and yellow, orange and purple, you name it! For this example, we'll use black and white.

2. Paint half of the nail with the lighter color, which would be white here, on your nails with however many coats it would take for the color to show up nicely. (For precise separation between the two colors, use tape or a piece of paper with whatever shaped edge you like. The picture below shows a rounded edge.)

3. Let the lighter color dry completely

4. Do the same with the other (darker) color. Let it dry.

5. Apply your top coat. and let that dry. Clean off any edges or excess paint off of the cuticle and surrounding skin.


Wednesday, October 12


Q: What are some Boho Style staple materials & pieces?
A: Floral, suede, fringe, maxi skirts and dresses, knits, feathers, beads, and colors like khaki, brown, tan, crème, and coral. Boho is all about having a carefree style. A boho chick loves her some layered patterns, earthy/natural tones, and fabrics cut right from nature itself.

Slap some comfy moccasins on those piggies and roll out! Of course if this short description wasn't enough, you can always, oh I don't know...READ BELOW!

Unique or floral maxi skirts are gold when paired with a plain tank top (tucked in) and adorable gladiator sandals or neutral wedges. With a dress, add a braided belt to define your shape. Pile on the detailed bangles and a statement ring on the opposite hand. Got a denim vest? Put it over a floral shirt or dress, add strap heels on the feet, and drop/feather earrings. Throw your hair into a curly up-do with wispy bangs still down. BOOM!

Don't like the whole skirt or dress idea? A beaded necklace, moccasins, and a shirt with top detail go great with a pair of slim-fitted dark colored blue jeans. Roll the bottom of the jeans up to show off your shoes. Try some denim shorts (preferably ripped with a wide brown belt), leggings underneath, and knee socks scrunched enough to just peep out of lace-up boots. On top, put on a lace top, a cardigan longer than the shorts length, and a to-the-side hairdo. Roll or push up the cardigans sleeves to elbow length and use the new arm space for 1 or 2 very bold bangles. Send us pics!

Monday, October 10

STYLE SPOT!: Color Blocking

Can you say trend alert? That's right, add it to your Microsoft Word dictionary because its here to stay! This chic new trend means mixing either 2 very similar colors, like red and pink, or multiple different colors. Look below, click some links, and discover! Block out boring "the usual" colors from your autumn and brighten up your mood! Colorblocking is it right now so try it out!


          forever 21 dress colorblock-pleated colorblock dress          

All of these cute items, and much more available at for under $25! Just type "colorblock" in the keyword box, and get trendy!

Sunday, October 9

I'm Back- So Stock Up on Fall Fab!

Hey guys! ROXYmodae is back and better than ever! No more delays in between posts! Now that we've stocked up on post ideas for autumn, get ready for up to 2 posts per day for the entire year! So stock up on fall fabulosity every day!

*starts to think about what I just typed* Think to myself: "THE YEAR?! What am I saying? Did I REALIZE what a long time that is?- 365 posts per year! I don't think fashion moves that fast. Better save some for 2012. Lem'me stop lying to them. They better not get their hopes up on that one...but I'll try!"

See ya'!

Monday, August 29

New Trends

From jewelry to clothing to bags, they're the latest! Get em' and your outfit will be totally complete!      

FEATHERS! Both Available at

      Available at             Available at

        FLORAL!                BIG BAGS & SATCHELS!          
Available at        Available at
       BLAZERS!                   CROP/BOX TOPS!     
  Available at H&M          Available at

Snag these fabulous items by clicking the websites underneath the pictures. Do you already have some of these styles? Send us pics! I'd love to feature you on ROXYmodae!

Sunday, August 28

iApps for Fabu Style

If you're always on the run and don't always have time to check out your fave fashion blog (hopefully it's ROXYmodae) here are some great apps available at the Apple App Store to help you. All of the apps are free.

  • Pose - Post pics of your outfits and get reviews on em'! I'd say its Instagram meets fashion, in an app.
  • ELLE - Like a traveling issue of ELLE magazine 
  • F21 - An app for viewing and purchasing Forever 21 clothes on the go! 
  • ShopStyle- The #1 app because it combines EVERY shopping app in the app store into one. It's great! 
  • eBay Fashion - Buy fashion from all over in one app! 
  • mark. - Everything that's in season and will keep you stylin'! 
  • Seventeen Ultimate Fashion Flipbook - exactly what the title says! 
  • H&M - view and buy H&M style on the go. 
  • The Find - shop for anything, get a great find. 
  • RedLaser - scan items in stores, and instantly compare prices.
  • ScanLife- scan QR codes reliably and never worry about missing any more of those little extra features you get when you scan! 

Any others not on this list? Send them to with the subject line as "iApps Suggestion".

Picture Perfect!

Picture posting on the blog is here!. Send me pics of you, your style, or just style you see on the street. Good or bad, send it to me! Send your pic(s) to Be sure to add a caption, comment, or review. The email's subject line should be "Picture Perfect". I can't wait to post your idea up!

Store Reviews

Want totally awesome and unique style? Looking for a new look? Here are some stores to help you get your shop on, and make sure your stylish!

1. Forever 21 - More modern, trendy, and teen style. Also, great occasion clothes. A pretty well-rounded store when it comes to having the latest trends. The accessories are great and the prices can't be beat for all the not-cheap stuff.

2. H&M - For a more professional looking chic. Always great prices and stocks up on all the common trends.

3. New York & Company - Anything you buy in here is always work appropriate, but not frumpy or boring. It's the perfect  balance of professional palettes and weekend color.

4. Aeropastale - Although their clothes fit great, EVERYONE wears it! Not the place for a trendsetting fashionista. Mostly casual and "aeropastale" is written on way  too many of the items. I do love how they have colors to match the season instead of being pure darkness 24/7, 365 days a year, though.

5. Hollister - I feel like just the mood of the store alone is too dark. However, at some parts of the year, they have certain items that would be key base items for an outfit but I personally wouldn't trust them to supply me with a whole outfit.

6. Abercrombie - Basically, too much burghundy, black, grey, and brown. No offense if that's all you have in your closet, but try some brighter colors sometime, you know?

7. Claire's - It is accessory heaven! They always have what's in style, but also always have other items that may not be in style, but your style. Great for any thing you need from necklaces to earrings to jewelry holders to clutches to cell phone cases, to free ear piercing, etc. They've got it all! They are unnecessarily expensive at times, but their constant 10 for $10 sales totally make up for it. Still give it a try!

8. Old Navy - At times, they have really nice stuff, but others their size charts would be ridiculously off. Otherwise, I love them, especially their graphic tees, adorable cardigans, and spring skirts/dresses.

9. Hot Topic - Good for middle/high school style, nothing more, nothing less. I personally don't like it, because it seems just too "punk" or "rock rebel" for me.

10. HSN - The Home Shopping Network is a little unpredictable. Certain items are overpriced compared to places like Walmart, Best Buy, etc. but other times you get a great buy!

11. Lord & Taylor - Fashionable and they have good prices what they offer. It's literally, the stirring pot of all couture stores in one. Their departments like perfume, jewelry, and coats are always gorgeous.

12. Macy's - I think they have pretty good things, you just have to dig a little deeper. The Juniors department is great, up to date, and they always have your style.

13. Sears - Not very trendy, but you can always a great coat there...if that means anything to you. In other words, read my emoticon- : P

Go check em' out, and by the next time you visit ROXYmodae, you should be able to send me a pic of what you got! Any suggestions for new stores? Send them to