Monday, February 13

Tiny Printer for Your Smartphone!

Here's your treat for this Monday. Isn't it cute? It's called the Little Printer. This is one I would definitely buy and use everyday. 

  • There's a smartphone app that you subscribe to different things to (like a daily sudoku puzzle, your current foursquare ranking, daily news, the weather for the day, a to-do list that you make yourself, the newest posts on your fave blog, and more)
  • Everyday at a time you choose, the Little Printer will print out your subscriptions on a little piece of paper that can be as long as your scroll of subscriptions are
  • The best part is, all you have to worry about is refilling the roll of paper, because Little Printer does not use ink! It is a thermal printer- meaning it uses heat to transfer an impression onto its special paper.
Any more questions? Looking to buy one? Visit the FAQ page HERE.
Check out the video below and be dazzled by its adorably tiny size but amazing printing power!

The only downer is, the Little Printer is not up for sale yet. Honestly, I'll probably not feel like waiting up for it to let you guys know but if you email me in a couple weeks I guess I could let you know its status. Or, you could click HERE.

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