Wednesday, August 15

My Case-obsessed "Friend"

          This past June, a uhh "friend of mine" finally got an iPhone! *does happydance and adds "#TeamiPhone to every profile they have* She has a serious obsession with the way her new phone is accessorized everyday. She has 9 cases so far, which isn't so bad, besides the fact that she's awaiting 7 more in the mail! She even asked me to ask my followers for pictures of their favorite cases. (Email is on the contact page) Check out her blog, ROXYmo- uh oh. I ratted myself out there didn't I? Ahh okay I admit it, I admit it! I am obsessed with iPhone cases!

          I must say, it's much more addictive than you think. Never will it be something you're disappointed in! Heck, even my 60 year old grandma has one and loves hers. My mom?;We all crowd around her phone and talk to Siri more than we talk to our neighbors! Welp, anyway, I've returned from the dark, unblogged days of this summer to briefly report my new obsession to my unfortunately low amount of followers.

    Heads up, a new channel video will be up on a certain Friday in early October with my collection progress. A couple of my favorite iPhone/Android apps for a fashionista? Tips for ordering Amazon/Ebay? The best designer's case collections? How to stud a boring case? They're all to come and I just can't wait to share them with you!