Wednesday, February 8

Needin' the Neon Neoprene

J'adore cette collection de Juicy Couture! Sorry, didn't mean to go all French on you. What I said was "I love this collection at Juicy Couture!". It isn't very new, but their is always a new edition added to it. Neoprene material bags! There are about 14 ways this material comes into play including in a clutch, luggage tag, passport cover, tote, etc. Most of them come in a choice of electric blue, hot pink, yellow, and black. They all have smooth, beige leather trim. They all look best in the blue or pink in my opinion but you can check them out later on at the Juicy Couture website.







I love em'! Any favorites anyone? My personal fave is the one that costs $198, but in pink. I saw it on the site. Even better, do any of you guys have any of these bags? You know what words are next- send pics!

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