About Me

Brittney H. aka, ROXYmodae. I guess my Virgo nature must get me somewhere in the realm of success in this world, right? On September 11th I blow out my candles! Nail art, chiffon, and loads of glitter, denim, hair curled, and expect me on Twitter ;) I like fabulous things, but I'm not one to buy anything unreasonable.

"I'm the type of fashionista that would look through a catalog and discipline myself saying: All in all, it's a sweater. Just a sweater, Britt. Think, $75...for what? To H&M we go, paycheck! If you were a real fashionista you'd rock that $20 shirt on sale and look like a million bucks! Blog post!"

          I believe people in this life will get nowhere trying to fit in and there's simply no point in attempting to change. "You are you, and that is truer than true. No one in this life can be you-er than you." As a fashion icon, Rihanna, once sang in a better voice than I could ever even lip-sync in, "People gonna talk whether you're doing bad or good."

          I'm extremely shy but a blog and a camera gives me some sort of craziness, just in the right amount. Something I will never understand.
          Now I rarely care about what others think of me but who doesn't love to be acknowledged for a fabulous outfit? However, if your outfit makes you feel good enough you won't give two hoots about compliments!
          I'm not a photographer, but I see life through lens. I'm not a fashion designer yet, but who says embellishing a plain collar isn't my inner Coco Chanel leaking out a bit early? I'm also a self-diagnosed iPhone addict, so Instagram? Yeah that's my 2nd life.
          For now, I'm a blogger but you'll know my name one day, in the name of Alexander! (Both Wang and McQueen, that is) Yep that's me, ROXYmodae.

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  1. happy it has ME on it,this is your best sis ty(tyra)