Monday, February 27

This Week on ROXYmodae

Hello and happy Monday to all you stylish readers out there today! I sincerely apologize for my lack of posting last week. I was not inspired enough to post what I felt was truly fantastic enough for you. : D So now that I'm back, let's chat about this weeks agenda shall we?

Monday starts off a little different this week as it did last week too, no strange item. I figured I'd give you some time to try to figure out who the heck would want a "banana phone". Tomorrow through Thursday I'll give you guys the run-down about essentials you'll need for Spring. Fashion Friday will be a great one- some peeks at Fashion Weeks around the world and some new DIYs to try over the weekend.

Stay-tuned though because if this post got you excited, wait til you see the amazing photography, writing, projects, and details to come! Besides, you never know with me I guess, I may change 2 or 3 (hint hint, wink, wink) of the plans for the better! Have a great morning and rest of your day.  -Britt

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