Sunday, February 19

A Strut Down Memory Lane

If you're like me, you were that cliché kid that dressed up non-stop in their mother closet. I let it get to the point where I was convinced that I could find a way to "make it work" when it was MUCH too big, and I knew it.

My FAVORITE denim jacket, never found a way that
 it didn't work in an outfit.

But aside from that, I had my favorite article of my own clothing too- my denim jacket.

Looking back, that jacket must've been more worn out than a dandelion on the highway but I still couldn't let it go; I guess I just didn't care. I've just always admired how such simple zipper, stitching detail and variable sleeve lengths could make ANY outfit so much better. Another thing- I was obsessed that I was a pink princess and had one heck of a hand-wave, I think I could've been Cinderella at Disney World.

Oh the stylish memories of a 5 year old fashion designer. My mission this week was to show you guys a couple snaps of mini-me and my past style. Try not to laugh too hard please...

Rockin' the patterned pants over a decade before the trend...
Oh look, another trend- bright pants (post comings soon!)!

So how about you? Did you ever have that one item in your life that never changed? Were you into style at all as a tot or was it just a hidden future passion within you? Did your mother or even father ever have to put a combo lock on the wardrobe? Believe me, I ask from experience... Comment it out ladies, even send me pics if you'd like!

I'd say I was an OVERALL (corny joke alert!) good rider!

A pilot in a dress, and proud of it!
"Mommmmyyyy!!!, this is too bundled up" woud be my 1 yr. old words here.

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