Friday, March 23

Feminine Friday: Petticoat Skirt

If there's anything I love this season, it's feminine-looking things. Plumes on pens, delicate feathers, sparkly brooches, vanities, quilted leather bed headboards, petticoats, tutus, the whole bit. After this Feminine Friday trendy trick you'll be able to add adorable volume to any skirt in no time, and with no tools!

Step 1: Start with any loose skirt and a tutu with tulle that's not too long and matches the loose skirt. Mine is a loose fit floral skirt with a pink sparkly tutu.

Step 2: With spanx or whatever underneath, put on the tutu. To make it puffier, you can roll the waist over 1 or 2 times if you want.

Step 3: Put on the loose skirt from overhead so that the waist band sets around your bellybutton line. Some of the tutu's color shows underneath and you now made a whole new skirt without sewing at all!

How did yours turn out? I think this one came out just as I'd hoped. Email me your results please! More than 10 emails means a roundup post is to come! An outfit post for this one is also in store. See you guys tomorrow and have a great Friday.

Thursday, March 22

Fringe Crop DIY

At last! I present to you, a typical logo/organization Tshirt that's acceptable in public! It's a cute little DIY specially for one searching for purpose of their shamelessly oversized free Tshirt from an event or so. Don't think it can be done? You gotta DIY it to believe it! Check out the video below or go to the ROXYmodae YouTube channel. Also feel free to combine this DIY with others. Be extra creative! Add studs or rhinestones to the shoulders of the shirt. Cut the sleeves zigzagged. Tie knots and add beads on the fringes. Do whatever- it's YOUR shirt, do what you want with it. The best part, it won't take you more than 10 minutes!

Got your own blog? With a link leading back to this blog, this particular video is allowed to be used on other blogs. (This is your permission, so no email needed.)

Wednesday, March 21

Back Again and Better Than Ever

Hello dearies! This new season has brought on so many trends and events that it's all been a bit hectic trying to blog it all. My head is constantly spinning with ideas and my draft folder is well near an incomplete-caused suicidal explosion. To keep it all manageable, I may be blogging a little less than daily for a couple of weeks. I apologize for not posting in so long and promise, the posts that do go up will be worth the wait. New segments, pictures, and photography are to come. Just to show how hard I've worked on drafting enough posts to be efficient, I will be scheduling some posts for the days that I've missed to fill the gap. However, the only way you'll notice (since it won't be at the top as usual) is to subscribe to "style in your inbox" found in the top-left sidebar. Highly suggested and takes literally .3 seconds.

Regular posting will be back tomorrow and have a stylish day,

Thursday, March 1

1st Spring 2012 Outfit Post!

In this outfit, I focused on the spring florals, a small splash of color, and a fresh feel with white denim. I kept my hair simple and bohemian. The goal was to create the PERFECT mix of everything trending and casual/cute. Where to find casual pieces? The basic stores like Old Navy, Forever 21, and H&M of course!

A ruffled, polka dotted, and floral crop top. Sounds crazy huh? I think it works pretty well for an expected commotion wouldn't you say?
There it is! That headwrap is the key to this hairdo. Two simple twists, (bang pinned down for the day) and the flower headwrap to correspond to the shirt's pattern and the beaded bracelets.

Sporty denim canvas sneaks and slight frayed white denim keep it cool and casual.

Just a little roundup pic of today's props!

1, Flower Headwrap- Forever 21
2. Beaded Bracelets- H&M
3. Sky Blue UnderTank- Old Navy
4. White Denim Skirt- Target
5. Denim Canvas Sneaks- Forever 21
6. NoShow Socks- Journey's
7. Polka Floral Top- Forever 21