Monday, February 6

Weird Stuff: Banana Phone

As always, I was browsing the web not only to research and find inspiration, but also to find cute little things that probably be pointless once I buy them, but would look good in a funny photo. I decided to make this a new segment on ROXYmodae specifically for Monday's. Yes, I know it's not exactly fashion related, but it'll make you smile and that's exactly what you need on a Monday! Surprisingly, all of these are actually on the market for sale from credible and secure sites! Who exactly thinks of these? I don't know but here's the first one.

The Cell-foam. A cover for your phone to look like you're talking into
a banana! You can't tell me you've never done that with a real banana for fun!
I think I would use this in a picture or two but never in public, off the web at least. Do you think you'll ever catch yourself buying one of these?


  1. Replies
    1. I know right! It was just too strange. I couldn't let it go unposted. Most monday posts won't be this weird though, no worries. inn fact, most are actually pretty cute. : D