Tuesday, January 31

Take A Chance on The...Blazer

Today I took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum and was inspired because of how many other daring creations were constantly around me. I believe the same "take a risk" theory must apply to every part of every outfit I put on. With that being said (or should I say "typed"), here's my risk for today:

Black Blazer- H&M $13
I paired a black blazer with bright leggings and a floral button-down shirt. Then I downgraded the blazer a bit with a medium-dyed denim skirt. I also dared to include multiple pieces that I made myself without it looking tacky. Speaking of tacks, check out my belt! How did I make it all work you ask? I will be posting tutorials later on this week (for Fashion Friday perhaps). Send me pics of how you paired your blazer if you want them up on a new page I'm thinking of.

Forget Winter! I in full on SPRING MODE!
Gray Crew Socks- Forever 21
Studded Belt- MADE BY ME! (tutorial coming soon!)
3 Side-Twists Braided Together in a (messy & casual) TUTORIAL COMING SOON!
Look Closer! Thumbtacks as earrrings!

Monday, January 30

Outfit Post!

Here's my favorite way to wear a knit top. Last week, I focused on the fur. This week, I put the focus on long necklaces paired with neutral colors. The knit top reminds of a hammock swinging in between two trees (my tank top) in a tropical (peacock necklace) forest (the leggings). How do you see this outfit?

Btw, THIS IS ROXYmodae's 50TH POST!!! YAY! Any congrats are welcome! : )
Creme Knit Top Longer In The Back
I layered a navy blue top underneath

Side view
(Sorry, the boots hurt!)

Front view
The under-pieces

Sunday, January 29

It's All Up to The Groundhog

I came home from my Fashion Friday mall haul and spread out all my new wardrobe items on the bed. Then I took out the box in the corner of my closet specifically for new spring items, and oh-so carefully matched them together in about a trillion different ways. It was my own personal upcoming collection!  I can't wait to show you the set of outfit posts to come. When will they be up you ask? It's all up to the Groundhog on Thursday. Any suggestions for the basics?

Coming Soon: Basic must-haves for your own clothes collections! (In progress right now)

I Found A Typo!

You have no idea how excited I was when I actually found a typo on this site despite how professional it is. The exact words (last sentence) are "you'll feel food knowing..." I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be "you'll feel GOOD knowing..."  No offense to the Buffalo Exchange crew- I still love you, no worries. See it for yourself!

Saturday, January 28

Why I Love NY

I've been driving around the city all day today and looking around, I realized that I didn't want to leave! Unfortunately, my camera was apparently annoyed and exhausted and killed itself. So now it's dead. But anyway, there was just so much to see. I would've taken outfit posts, but I would have had about 80,000,000 pics all in the same outfit. Don't worry though, I'm starting to make a video later on today.

Friday, January 27

DIY Coming Really Soon!

I'm hyper-typing write now with excitement. I can't wait to share with you guys the new DIY I just thought of. I'm not telling you yet though! It's a surprise. I'll find time sometime this weekend. But to give a hint at least, it only requires 3 things (that are all definitely going to be in your home)! I may even create a whole page dedicated simply to fabulous DIY projects. I'm more excited than you probably are! Take a guess, what do you think the project is?

Thursday, January 26

How to Wear Patterned Pants

So finally, I got a question sent in by a viewer. They didn't have the courtesy to follow the blog, but I figured I'd still help them with their dilemma. Besides, others may have the same question right? Also, weird enough, this was actually one of my 82 ideas in my draft post folder! Hope this answers the anonymous person's question and your's too if you were wondering.

Question: Hi, I needed some patterned pants so I ended up getting two different pairs. I got some white and blue Paul Smith London cotton pants. I don't know the exact term for the pattern but it's alternating rows of really small diamond/squares so the pants look sort of like a solid pale blue from a distance. The other pants is a pair of cotton Nicole Miller trousers that are yellow/beige with a medium-sized navy blue windowpane pattern. It's a little tacky, but I got it cheap off ebay so I don't really mind. 

I need some recommendations of shirt styles and colors (are patterned shirts totally out of the question?) to wear with these pants. I'm thinking plain white would go well with both of them but I'd prefer to try some more colors with the pants but not end up looking silly. As for when to wear them, I assume daytime (not business) casual during the spring/summer season would be best, or could I pull off wearing them out to clubs or parties?

Elle Macpherson wearing animal print patterned trousers  

ROXYmodae Answer: Whew! I'm tired just reading your long question! It's okay though b/c this response is going to be pretty extensive also. So first of all, you're right. The best time to rock these is during the day. I wouldn't really recommend it for a party or especially not to a formal/business-like event. I don't think a patterned shirts are totally out, but in this case, don't pair it with this. The point of the patterned pants is to make it the "look at me" part of the outfit. A patterned shirt paired with the pants you described would clash in all directions.

If they are longer or wider pants, wedges in a corresponding (not matchy-matchy) color will do wonders. For straight legged, skinny, or capri pants, strap heels in a darker color would look great. If you can find simple pumps with a dash of color somewhere, that would look chic as well. If they're skintight, wear them with boots (any style) and crew socks to peek out at the top. If the weather allows you to, I personally like they way they look with just a plain tank top in one of the pattern's lighter colors. If not, an open blazer, jacket, or button-down top (which you may want to get in a dark color in the pattern of the pants) would look very flattering layered on top. Minimal jewelry is needed except for maybe a bold statement bangle or ring and drop-down earrings. A tote is great to stylishly hold all your day's little necessary gizmos. Above (if you haven't noticed), I put some pics for your inspiration- I hope I helped and don't hesitate to send in pics when you settle on an outfit! : )

Wednesday, January 25

Formal Dresses to Consider

So, I know it may be a little early to be dress shopping, but you can never be too prepared right? I was browsing some sites, and these dresses at Lulu's really stuck out to me. They're are really unique and great for a formal event like a dinner, wedding, or even prom.

Here's a video. The prices will be in the captions (to the right of the pic). Once again, and always, the video will be on the YouTube channel by tomorrow. They are all under $130 by the way!

Tuesday, January 24

Outfit Post!

Can you believe that I've had the blog for almost a year and I haven't done not one outfit post? It's crazy! For this first one, I focused more on my accessories, and the button down top put together with something it wouldn't normally be paired with- a faux fur vest and jeans. On my feet, I put on blackish gray moto boots with buckles. I kept accessories simple with a feather style necklace, beaded bracelets, a detail ring on the opposite hand, and wooden drop down earrings to compliment my high ponytail and long bang. Here goes!


Sunday, January 22

Friday, January 20

Manicured Modae

Here's how to get that perfect manicure! Whether it be a classic french, or some great nail art from YouTube, you can find the basics here. Here are 15 steps that apply to any mani or pedi.

  1. Close the door & open a window to air out weird-smelling, harmful fumes. (blah blah- MOTHERLY ALERT!)
  2. Spread some blank paper. Printer paper is fine. (not newspaper- it's too thin and the ink will mess up your nails).
  3. Remove your old nail polish gently. Don't press too hard or rub vigorously.
  4. Cut your nails into the shape of your choice. (squared, straight, rounded, clawed, natural, etc.)
  5. File your nails in one direction to smooth the pointy edges from cutting.
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water and lock in moisture with lotion.
  7. Gently push your cuticles back. Scrape any remaining residue from the dead cuticle (that white skin stuff) off and press the cuticles to their new spot. 
  8. Rub your hands together (without applying more lotion). Use nail polish remover to take the lotion off of the nails.
  9. Apply a base coat (a non shine top coat or strengthener will do just fine)
  10. To "shake" the nail polish, DON'T SHAKE IT. Simply roll it in between your hands to prevent air bubbles.
  11. Apply the polish with 3 vertical strokes (from cuticle to tip) per coat. Coats should be as thin as possible to last longer.
  12. To make designs, use tools like toothpicks, skinny brushes, or tape.
  13. Allow nails to dry completely and do not touch them to "make sure". LET THEM DRY.
  14. Put on the top coat in 3 vertical strokes. Just one coat of top coat is necessary.
  15. Let the top coat dry completely, and sit back and ADORE your nails! 
Send us pics, comment, or send me a video. ANY video I get, as long as it's appropriate will be posted onto the YouTube channel. Can't wait to here from you!

Wednesday, January 18

Breaking Fashion News

Breaking News in the Fashion world! In the 36th week of 2012, September 6th to be exact, the moment EVERYONE in the fashion world lives for, will arrive. It's when the world is covered in global glamour and style. It often serves as the beginning, or the end of any designer's career. Didn't get enough hints? IT'S FASHION WEEK! It is officially confirmed to be starting Sep. 6th, 2012. Can't Wait!

Monday, January 16

Vintage Cameras

Lately, one of my obsession have been all about being vintage and living a photography life. I bought a fedora, redid my wardrobe, and I'm planning on buying a skinny-tire bike with a basket to hold the vintage camera I'm waiting on. I wave curled my hair, and bought flat Oxfords to wear with a polka dot flowy dress. The minute the weather gets better here in New York, I will be outside snapping pics of me and my new obsession. But as for now, I'll focus on the vintage camera. Check out the video below for pics of AMAZINGLY ADORABLE vintage cameras. It's also on the channel's YouTube Channel.

Sunday, January 15

"Dream Catcher" Look @ Forever21

As you know, Forever 21 is my all time favorite store- like, EVER (That's not an ad by the way. : ) I just always find myself peeping in there when I'm on a mall haul. I like their concept of "if it's in, it's in here- old news, next store" too.).

Their new look is featured now on the site and most stores around and about. Dream Catcher collection is all about fringe, tribal patterns, denim, feathers, studs and tribal colored themes.
In the accessory department, there's plenty of feathers, beads, and threaded details which sort of make each piece look like, well, a dream catcher. I'm thinking that the inspiration was Native American tribal type of things and Goddess-like Ancient Egypt and Rome.

In clothes, I see a lot of  fringe, maxi skirts, and colors like beige, burgundy, brown, rusty orange, gold, mustard yellow, navy blue, and turquoise. I also notice almost like a "logo" that is like a fingerprint for Dream Catcher style- arrows and geometric patterns. I personally are not a fan of the plain arrows but when they are made into a pattern and paired with fringe and a body-con skirt, it's to die for.

Don't know what a dream catcher is? -Hmm, sucks for you. Just kidding, pictures below of one and also some outfits at Forever 21. To visit the collections's page click [HERE].

Saturday, January 14

Cirque de soLACE

So, yesterday I took myself on a mall haul with some money I had leftover from the holidays. I must say, I was inspired to make this post because of all the lace I saw. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "GOTH ALERT! Where are you going with this ROXY? Goth and lace left the runway ages ago! are you TRYING to make me look like my grandmothers couch?!"

But believe me guys, it's back. Not necessarily in the form of all-day-every-day-black-i-love-the-dark-side-goth-chick clothes, but lace sewn together in a different way- a stylish, classy way. In my opinion, it looks amazingly flattering, but at the same time, can be cute or fun too.

It's at its best when it's laying casually over denim, or holding the back of a patterned shirt together. There's lace- tights belts, shirts, dresses, leggings, pants, bows, shoes, clutches, shirts, etc. Check it out:

Independent Fashion Bloggers

I was wondering, should I join the Independent Fashion Bloggers site? I've always read it, (even before I started the blog!) and found great advice when needed, but is it necessary for me to actually join? Maybe I will, maybe I won't. *Just thinking out loud here* What do you think?

Friday, January 13

Feeling Blue, but Happy!

Don't worry, I don't have any life problems or disorders. I meant feelin' blue as in- DENIM! The simply most magical fabric/material in the world. Why magical you ask? Because of all its powers! It can travel through time while changing shapes, sizes, and styles. It almost reminds me of a teenager (changing so much) if you think about all the "powers" I just named. The best color denims? I'd have to go with blue or white (just for the flexibility of pairing it up in different ways each time you wear em') and unique colored jeans (click the word to see more about colored jeans). Anyway, check out some cute pics of some below the next paragraph.

There are literally a type of any garment in denim! Denim shirts, denim cardigans, denim vests, denim blazers, denim dresses, shorts, tights, jeggings, skirts, jumpers, rompers, jackets, pants, jeans, YOU NAME IT! To start, find a style you like. Unique fits like drop-crotch, skinny capris, high waisted and buttoned, bell bottomed or extra long are forever chic. They look better dressed up than down, so pair it with a patterned, ruffled, or floral blouse/shirt. Don't be afraid of mixing it with a pattern or two either; Put on a leather jacket, slap on some stripes, leopard print, floral, or lace even! Add a scarf, a leather bag, a fedora, no necklace, minimal bracelets, and whatever shoes you like. I suggest boat shoes, boots strap heels, wedges, or boat shoes.

Thursday, January 12

Jason Wu Collection- Exclusively at Target

As usual, Target has a collection with a designer that they've collaborated with. This time, it's Jason Wu!

At first, I've looked down upon these because they've always been such a drag to me. But lately, I must admit they've been getting better. They've been teaming up with designers like Gwen Stefani with her Harajuku Collection, Converse accessories, and obviously the newest- Jason Wu! This collection is in stores on February 5th. Since Target recently released a look book, I took the courtesy to turn it into a video and put in up not only here, but on the ROXYmodaeBlog YouTube channel too!

Tuesday, January 10

Un-Fabu Technology

 So today I was typing in Microsoft Word and on a new blog post at the same time when I typed words like jeggingsfashionista, and Michael Kors. Then, that stupid red line underlined my words! I was forced to manually "Add to Dictionary". Seriously though? Destiny's Child can get bootylicious into Merriam Webster's but the all-time greatest industry in the world (FASHION) can't get a couple MAJOR terms put into Microsoft Word? Get with it technology! How dare they mark the great name of Chanel wrong! They've got some unfashionable nerve. It's a shame. I'm done raving for today. What do you guys think?

Monday, January 9

Closet Makeover- My Results!

To start with some background info, my closet only provides 39 feet of room. Not 39 ft. as in the length or height; 39 ft. as in the length, height, and width MULTIPLIED by each other. That's a shame. It has 2 rods but I only use the bottom 1 (b/c they're too close together to hang things without them hanging onto the lower rod). There is 1 shelf each at the top and bottom. Half of the closet was useless! For a girl, especially a fashion blogger and fashion addict needing as much space as possible, this is TORTURE. I had to do something...

I wanted to remodel my closet without having to even look at a screwdriver or a hammer more than once. So as I surfed the web, I got inspired. I followed the instructions in the previously posted Closet Makeover Tips post. Here are my results. (Sorry- I didn't remember to take a "before" pic until I'd already cleaned out the closet.) I'd love to see and respond to yours!


What are those loops under the shelf for? GOTTA GO!
It's a problem if I'm standing 1 ft. away but can still fit
the entire closet opening in one shot.

Sunday, January 8

Closet Makeover Tips

This new year, I felt that I needed to make change. "Eat better? Learn to use a pogo stick? Be neater?", I thought to myself, but I am already as neat as it gets! However as neat as I am, my closet was atrocious and I was especially determined to get it better. With it being very small, I wasn't sure how I could possibly "expand" it or "utilize all the vertical space". After vigorous research and experiance with my own personal closet, here's what I came up with.

1) Clean out EVERYTHING. Then sweep, and swipe the Swiffer through it a bit. Use Windex or Clorox to wipe down everything else. Throw away things that you think to yourself "Hmm, I may need it...for something...one day". Donate or sell if still in good shape- like a shirt you never wore, a gift you don't like, or a garment that you wanted to return but lost the receipt. Repaint if necessary.

2) Put in multiple shelves. Instead of rods or double hangers, use metal wire shelves that would fit. That way, you can hang clothes on it, and get top storage. To choose where to put it, make sure that if you were to hagn your longest shirt on it, that it's at least 5 inches off of the floor.

3) Sort and file. Use adorable storage bins and keepsake boxes to tuck away items. Also allow papers, scrapbooks, winter sweaters, nail polishes, or other things to be stacked. Buy no more than 3 large and 2 small bins though because any more than that makes your closet not only look like a storage room, but also that many boxes is sure to be confusing, even with labels.

4) Utilize the door! Put an over the door shoe organizer, mirror, belt and scarf hook, or a even just a line of DIY nails slapped into the top of the door. Put up a cork board to stick up your clothes wishlist or something too.

5) Remove all on-floor shoe organizers. Things like shoe racks on the floor takes up room and with not hold things like boots or heels well anyway. Instead, put shoes on the floor or put a shelf in to store shoes on the door, or on the closet's wall if you can fit it.

6) Store out of season clothing elsewhere. Put bathing suits, winter sweaters, and the raincoats in a basement, attic, or wherever you store things in your home.

7) Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. Putting a mirror on the inside of the door, and a small one on a shelf inside the closet will let you get a rear view of your hair that day and also gives the closet the illusion of being huge!

8) Add a lamp. A little light sometimes can come in handy and make the room feel less dense.

Here's an example of utilizing all space from top to bottom. Pictures of my personal closet and recommended organization products with prices and links coming in the next post!


                                  ~Send in pics of your transformed closet! ROXYmodae@aol.com~

Wednesday, January 4

More is More? Isn't Less More?

Have you ever heard a quote saying "The more the merrier?" I wonder if the person that said that was to meet the "Less is more" guy, would they argue? To tell you the truth, I think both are right, especially when you're talking about accessorizing. . In some cases you don't want to over do it, but in others every piece compliments the outfit perfectly. What do you think? Send in pics!

Tuesday, January 3

New On The Blog:

ROXYmodae has new pages (a few deleted pages), and a couple updated pages too. Also, 5 new widgets. Now enjoy sharing ROXYmodae on Facebook and Twitter, subscribing using various sites, seeing who else has recently visited ROXYmodae, searching posts, and easy access to following ROXYmodae on different sites. I hope you guys enjoy the new treats added to the site- more to come.

Michael Kors Newest Sandals

As I was checking out some my favorite fashion blogs, I couldn't help but notice on The ZOE Project newsletter, new GORGEOUS shoes by Michael Kors. All hail King Kors! He calls them Cutout Sandals. Available this Spring! I will definitely be lining up whatever the cost may be- believe me.

Style Spot!: Modest Modae

On the runway and in the stores the look has slowly become much more modest. From the higher necklines, to the longer bottom lengths, and even the garment sleeves have been stylishly retro. Didn't notice? I guess that's just the Virgo observable perfectionist eye in me. But, also, materials like lace, ruffles, mesh, and floral pattern have also discretely and tastefully made their way into the sketches of designers. Folds, seams, and creases give the garment a wonderful flow. The color palettes are slightly darker (the burgundy, black, navy blue, and creme) with a touch of modern color, or bling, if you will. Their is also a less revealing side to it that although can intrude on the purpose of some apparel, but I think is absolutely genius. Here are some pictures (click them to view larger):


Monday, January 2

Retro Revolution

Definition? Retro- of or designating from the style of an earlier time. Vintage- old-fashioned yet being the best of its time. So what based on the definitions- what's the hottest new trend you ask? RETRO REVOLUTION is what I like to call it.

You can mainly tell if a piece is retro based on its pattern and style. The leaders of retro would probably have to be polka dots and thin stripes. For example, colored skinny jeans have a totally different look than colored flare jeans, correct? To achieve this look with literally flying "colors", never be afraid to mix it up. Just never go overboard. Find some inspiration in the pictures below.
     Promo_Retro_Riviera_02Tops Promo_Retro_Riviera_03Layers Promo_Retro_Riviera_04Bottoms                  
     Promo_Retro_Riviera_04Bottoms  Promo_Retro_Riviera_04Bottoms Promo_Retro_Riviera_06Dresses Promo_Retro_Riviera_06Dresses
                                             Promo_Retro_Riviera_08Access  Promo_Retro_Riviera_10Shoes
(All pictures from Forever21.com)