Tuesday, February 14

Ode to Style

I have no Valentine this year so I wrote this love letter to my valentine- style of course! Here's my (original) ode to style.

Dear Style,
Why do you enslave me so? 
Your collections are invincible, but I'm sure you know.
With your purses, bracelets and dresses galore-
You fill my blog with Couture and more.
I'm a prisoner to my thoughts when I think of you-
I don't want to be be free though- 
Yes indeed, it's true!
From velour to neoprene to the charms and the fragrance-
You fill my wishlist with your stylish acquaintance.
The buckles and zippers of heels can't compare-
To the logo on the box that is always there.
The handbags are a dream, just truly amazing-
The unlimited accessories always keeping praising.
I'm perfectly okay with being your slave-
You're what I need and desire, like a man needs to shave.
So okay, I'm wrapped around your manicured finger,
 Always, dear style, your essence, will linger.
You are infinite, forever, determined, and nocturnal-
Because fashions will fade but you, are eternal.

I love you style! This is my Valentine to you. Ta-da! What do you think? What's your "ode to style"? Who's your special valentine? Comment it out!


  1. Awwww this is nice

    Happy valentines babe


    1. Thank you! took a pretty long time. Nice to know you guys like it. Happy valentine's day!

  2. thanks! i ddnt want to stick to a cliche "v-day outfit" u kno? Happy valentine's day : )