Wednesday, February 29

Taking Advantage of Features

See the circled things? Use em'- EXPLORE!
I've noticed, most of you don't take the time to actually evaluate all the great features offered in the sidebar. Let's be real here- did any of you even know that there was a way to share ROXYmodae to Facebook or Twitter with the click of a mouse?    How about the fact that you can go directly to my BlogLovin or Independent Fashion Bloggers Page just by tapping the picture widgets? Don't you just get a thrill out of seeing your comment posted live on the left side? Also, get new posts emailed to you (enter your email address in the left sidebar)! Search in a little box by typing in phrases like "colorful pants" or "how to wear fur" or even small keywords like "metallic clothes jackets"

These are not boring informational pages like most other sites. I spend very much time (almost as much as I do writing posts) updating them. The contact information, pictures I've taken, etc is all up to date. My personal favorite is the Obsession page, which is where I post things I've been really into lately.

Frankly, follow the blog! However, following anonymously makes no sense, now does it? Why wouldn't you want your picture to be seen on the blog? I know when I go to another blog, an interesting profile pic is just what gets me to view their profile, which leads to their blog. A boring default won't bring anymore visitors to your blog. Get more traffic, follow publicly!

Under every post or page on the site, just for you, I've added a feature where you can post using many different profiles including Facebook, Google, AOL, anonymous, or even comment using just your name. There's also the optional feature to add a link to your own blog to be published along with your Name/URL comment.

Now that you've gotten a not-so-secret sneak peek at all the features you've ingored lately, you can add even more reasons to your list as to "why I love ROXYmodae so much". Just kidding, just enjoy the new little tools and have a stylish day okay?

Don't be afraid to click that drop-down button once in a while!


  1. Great post! You've got thinking about what I need on my blog :) x


    1. thank you, that's really great to know!