Friday, January 13

Feeling Blue, but Happy!

Don't worry, I don't have any life problems or disorders. I meant feelin' blue as in- DENIM! The simply most magical fabric/material in the world. Why magical you ask? Because of all its powers! It can travel through time while changing shapes, sizes, and styles. It almost reminds me of a teenager (changing so much) if you think about all the "powers" I just named. The best color denims? I'd have to go with blue or white (just for the flexibility of pairing it up in different ways each time you wear em') and unique colored jeans (click the word to see more about colored jeans). Anyway, check out some cute pics of some below the next paragraph.

There are literally a type of any garment in denim! Denim shirts, denim cardigans, denim vests, denim blazers, denim dresses, shorts, tights, jeggings, skirts, jumpers, rompers, jackets, pants, jeans, YOU NAME IT! To start, find a style you like. Unique fits like drop-crotch, skinny capris, high waisted and buttoned, bell bottomed or extra long are forever chic. They look better dressed up than down, so pair it with a patterned, ruffled, or floral blouse/shirt. Don't be afraid of mixing it with a pattern or two either; Put on a leather jacket, slap on some stripes, leopard print, floral, or lace even! Add a scarf, a leather bag, a fedora, no necklace, minimal bracelets, and whatever shoes you like. I suggest boat shoes, boots strap heels, wedges, or boat shoes.

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