Wednesday, February 22

Neon Accessories

Man, if there had to be a color scheme that was most enduring, it'd have to be neons. Just when blogs everywhere start to say, "bye-bye neon, hello pastels", here it comes again! This time it's not one or the other though. Both of the two are pretty significant at the moment.

No offence, but I would never claim a follower that walks out of their home looking like rainbow vomit. So to prevent the next edition of a street-style blog's DON'T list, how about we only add neon where it's found best? ACCESSORIES! Gotta love it!

Detailed Metallic Dr. Martens that are also neon-like? Only $120 too!
A crossbody meets satchel? CUTENESS!

Mulit-colored bangles to brighten a denim
jacket maybe?

Pow! Neon and a satchel- double threat!


Inspired much! Send me pics of your neon accessories paired with your not-over-the-top highlighter look!

1 comment:

  1. LOL rainbow vomit!

    good picks though