Sunday, February 12

Figure Flattering Fit n' Flare Dress

Try to say that title 5 times fast! Trend alert! Okay so I was doing my daily dose of online browsing for things to buy with my oodles of money (JK- more like 3 dollars, a corn flake, and lint!) when I found some interesting pieces.

Some dresses really stood out to me because of how they were put together. But I noticed a trend seeping through, one that I like to call Fit-n-Flare.

This is when a dress is tight at the top, has a seam near the waist, and then flares out at the bottom. These are perfect for flattering or evening out a figure and an adorable way to put a girly twist on a glam, sophisticated look. Even better, they look adorable with a belt resting right on top of that oh-so distinctive middle seam.


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