Tuesday, February 7

Choosing an Outfit in 1-2-3

If you thought breakfast was the important meal of the day, try getting your daily serving of Fashion! I know there's that point in the morning when you wake up, do whatever, and then you slowly walk up to the closet. You try not to let it intimidate you, but you can feel your eyes starting to twitch at the thought of (duh duh duuhnn! *scary movie tone*) TAKING OUT YOUR OUTFIT! What a bother! Don't worry, I'm here for you with tips to help you pick an outfit in the morning in a breeze. This should always be the best part of the day for a fashionista so hopefully I can help you to love it and make it as easy as it has become for me. It's easy as 1-2-3!

Choose your clothes the night before! I know it sounds terribly cliché and you don't want to seem obsessive about an outfit, but I'm telling you, it helps! Take it out right down to separating your jewelry into right-hand-left-wrist (which hand to wear a bracelet or how you are going to part your hair). When your stressed in the morning, you move fast, but slow b/c of how many times you change your mind under pressure. Staying awake the 15 extra minutes at night is worth the 30 more you'll get in the morning.

Keep a "style journal". Take pictures of yourself in your outfit and keep a journal of what days you wear certain things. Knowing what you already wore in the past month will definitely help you cancel out some items you may be wearing to much.

TIP: Never wear items in an outfit the same way. Change up how you match things together every time you wear it. This is also a great way to expand your closet without spending a dime!

Dress around a focal item. Choose a great pair of shoes, a really flattering belt or pair of jeans to be the main or most complex part of your outfit. Simply dress so that every single object you take out highlights the best features in your focal item.

I hope I helped- Email me your relieved faces in the morning- AFTER YOU PUT ON THE OUTFIT PLEASE!  Trust me, I don't need to see any morning faces! Contact page has email details.

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