Monday, January 2

Retro Revolution

Definition? Retro- of or designating from the style of an earlier time. Vintage- old-fashioned yet being the best of its time. So what based on the definitions- what's the hottest new trend you ask? RETRO REVOLUTION is what I like to call it.

You can mainly tell if a piece is retro based on its pattern and style. The leaders of retro would probably have to be polka dots and thin stripes. For example, colored skinny jeans have a totally different look than colored flare jeans, correct? To achieve this look with literally flying "colors", never be afraid to mix it up. Just never go overboard. Find some inspiration in the pictures below.
     Promo_Retro_Riviera_02Tops Promo_Retro_Riviera_03Layers Promo_Retro_Riviera_04Bottoms                  
     Promo_Retro_Riviera_04Bottoms  Promo_Retro_Riviera_04Bottoms Promo_Retro_Riviera_06Dresses Promo_Retro_Riviera_06Dresses
                                             Promo_Retro_Riviera_08Access  Promo_Retro_Riviera_10Shoes
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