Wednesday, February 29

Taking Advantage of Features

See the circled things? Use em'- EXPLORE!
I've noticed, most of you don't take the time to actually evaluate all the great features offered in the sidebar. Let's be real here- did any of you even know that there was a way to share ROXYmodae to Facebook or Twitter with the click of a mouse?    How about the fact that you can go directly to my BlogLovin or Independent Fashion Bloggers Page just by tapping the picture widgets? Don't you just get a thrill out of seeing your comment posted live on the left side? Also, get new posts emailed to you (enter your email address in the left sidebar)! Search in a little box by typing in phrases like "colorful pants" or "how to wear fur" or even small keywords like "metallic clothes jackets"

These are not boring informational pages like most other sites. I spend very much time (almost as much as I do writing posts) updating them. The contact information, pictures I've taken, etc is all up to date. My personal favorite is the Obsession page, which is where I post things I've been really into lately.

Frankly, follow the blog! However, following anonymously makes no sense, now does it? Why wouldn't you want your picture to be seen on the blog? I know when I go to another blog, an interesting profile pic is just what gets me to view their profile, which leads to their blog. A boring default won't bring anymore visitors to your blog. Get more traffic, follow publicly!

Under every post or page on the site, just for you, I've added a feature where you can post using many different profiles including Facebook, Google, AOL, anonymous, or even comment using just your name. There's also the optional feature to add a link to your own blog to be published along with your Name/URL comment.

Now that you've gotten a not-so-secret sneak peek at all the features you've ingored lately, you can add even more reasons to your list as to "why I love ROXYmodae so much". Just kidding, just enjoy the new little tools and have a stylish day okay?

Don't be afraid to click that drop-down button once in a while!

Tuesday, February 28

Top 5 Totes @ Forever 21

Keep all your things anchored with this zip-closed bag
Forever 21
We all need that 1 bag that we can squeeze every last giftcard, wallet, skyscraper of receipts, makeup compact, iPad, outfit, and the rest of our lifes into. What's the only bag besides a city-cized garbage bag capable? I introduce to you (drum roll please), the tote bag! The best part is that they come in so many different colors, patterns, graphics, logos, and are the best bases for any bag DIY! Here are a couple I love or have bought from Forever 21. Good prices for things that don't look cheap. Cheap-looking is trashy and again, we are avoiding that garbage bag!
Nautical Striped with a Dash of Brown Leather
Old Navy
More brown leather paired with diagonal colorblock
Forever 21
Floral fun with twisted rope handles
Forever 21
Simple Coral monochrome with a splash and MORE brown leather!
Forever 21

Monday, February 27

This Week on ROXYmodae

Hello and happy Monday to all you stylish readers out there today! I sincerely apologize for my lack of posting last week. I was not inspired enough to post what I felt was truly fantastic enough for you. : D So now that I'm back, let's chat about this weeks agenda shall we?

Monday starts off a little different this week as it did last week too, no strange item. I figured I'd give you some time to try to figure out who the heck would want a "banana phone". Tomorrow through Thursday I'll give you guys the run-down about essentials you'll need for Spring. Fashion Friday will be a great one- some peeks at Fashion Weeks around the world and some new DIYs to try over the weekend.

Stay-tuned though because if this post got you excited, wait til you see the amazing photography, writing, projects, and details to come! Besides, you never know with me I guess, I may change 2 or 3 (hint hint, wink, wink) of the plans for the better! Have a great morning and rest of your day.  -Britt

Wednesday, February 22

Neon Accessories

Man, if there had to be a color scheme that was most enduring, it'd have to be neons. Just when blogs everywhere start to say, "bye-bye neon, hello pastels", here it comes again! This time it's not one or the other though. Both of the two are pretty significant at the moment.

No offence, but I would never claim a follower that walks out of their home looking like rainbow vomit. So to prevent the next edition of a street-style blog's DON'T list, how about we only add neon where it's found best? ACCESSORIES! Gotta love it!

Detailed Metallic Dr. Martens that are also neon-like? Only $120 too!
A crossbody meets satchel? CUTENESS!

Mulit-colored bangles to brighten a denim
jacket maybe?

Pow! Neon and a satchel- double threat!


Inspired much! Send me pics of your neon accessories paired with your not-over-the-top highlighter look!

Tuesday, February 21

Marni, Now at H&M

Watch the ad here:

Bag $80

As the consistent rain/sunshine bipolar weather and random scattered patches of budding grass goes on, mother nature is hinting at one thing. Pier 1 Imports and Home Depot helped her out by anxiously lining up flowers, colorful pots and patio chairs. Spring is here and there's no other way to wait to prove it anymore. With spring comes a new collection at H&M so hop onto the Marni train!

To be honest, I did not like many parts of this collection. It seemed too widely spread and there were so many pieces that most didn't relate to each other. Not to mention the fact that they look like only a model could rock them. It felt more like multiple collections with different color schemes, and different inspirations jumbled together.

Although I'm not crazy about the new collection, here are 10 pieces at H&M that I did like about the collection. Check out the rest HERE. Agree with me or love it? Own some pieces?
Jacket $200 

Chunky Necklace $50

Ruffled Zippered Cardigan $70
Shorts $50
Maxi Dress $129
Flower Detail Necklace $30
Patterned Slacks $80
Blouse $100
Sunglasses $20

Monday, February 20

What Goes Around Comes Around

Today, as I was working on posts for the next couple of days, I started going into this weird psychology mode and started questioning everything. Mostly stupid things like "Why is a graham cracker bland and a animal cracker sweet if crackers are supposed to be salty?" But one, wasn't so dumb- Why is there such thing as trends and why do they always come back somehow? Get ready to play 20 questions now, LOL.

We know what they are, we like them, we follow them, and most of us would be amazingly proud to set them. But why are they such a huge part of fashion? Do we after a while just miss the old things we used to wear and all of a sudden love them again? Who gets to "choose" these things? Are our top designers running out of inspiration and revert back to things that are "out"? Did trends start with just one tomboy's carefree attempt to bring back the dead and unstylish? Why can only certain people wear them and look right? What is "looking right"?Do the people of today adore the simplicity of life back then in the no-fashion-sense days and try to emulate it? Why would they? Did we start to mistake the definition of retro to mean just any worthless thing not found in stores anymore? Isn't there a reason the stores stop selling certain items after a while? Who determines these trends; The buyers, the stores, or the designers? Isn't it a cycle?; How can we determine where the fashion thing started in the 1st place? How long should you wait to expect a new one to come along? With so many people and style wannabes in the world, is it EVER possible to be the first one to do or wear anything anymore? I don't know, I was just thinking.

I know that was only 14 questions but the "20 questions" sounded better. Just think "LLEEETTSSS PLAAYYY 14 QUEESTTIONS *in host's voice*" It just sounds corny, LOL. Anyway, what do you guys think? Anything in fashion you've always questioned?

Sunday, February 19

A Strut Down Memory Lane

If you're like me, you were that cliché kid that dressed up non-stop in their mother closet. I let it get to the point where I was convinced that I could find a way to "make it work" when it was MUCH too big, and I knew it.

My FAVORITE denim jacket, never found a way that
 it didn't work in an outfit.

But aside from that, I had my favorite article of my own clothing too- my denim jacket.

Looking back, that jacket must've been more worn out than a dandelion on the highway but I still couldn't let it go; I guess I just didn't care. I've just always admired how such simple zipper, stitching detail and variable sleeve lengths could make ANY outfit so much better. Another thing- I was obsessed that I was a pink princess and had one heck of a hand-wave, I think I could've been Cinderella at Disney World.

Oh the stylish memories of a 5 year old fashion designer. My mission this week was to show you guys a couple snaps of mini-me and my past style. Try not to laugh too hard please...

Rockin' the patterned pants over a decade before the trend...
Oh look, another trend- bright pants (post comings soon!)!

So how about you? Did you ever have that one item in your life that never changed? Were you into style at all as a tot or was it just a hidden future passion within you? Did your mother or even father ever have to put a combo lock on the wardrobe? Believe me, I ask from experience... Comment it out ladies, even send me pics if you'd like!

I'd say I was an OVERALL (corny joke alert!) good rider!

A pilot in a dress, and proud of it!
"Mommmmyyyy!!!, this is too bundled up" woud be my 1 yr. old words here.

Saturday, February 18

Spring Staples I Need

As February is almost over already, I have been adding finishing touches to my Spring wardrobe and jewelry box. There's a couple of things I absolutely have to try though. They are new, and some old styles but I'd still give them a shot. They're listed below. I won't go all out explaining them in this post, but separate detailed posts are to come. What are your spring must-haves?

Coral EVERYTHING. The polish, the lipgloss, headbands, crew socks. This is my new color.
Weird shaped sunglasses like rounded, hearts, and neon or pastel colors.
Multi-Confetti polish gives my nails a 3D effect, especially with multiple coats.
Metallic sneakers are much cuter than metallic flats and give an overly chic  (if that's possible) look a sporty edge. Example- high waisted short, funky belt, plain tank and a cardigan paired with these. Cute right?
See through shirts that have detail like lace, crochet, and fringe are very in this season. Even mixtures of both are cute like a lace-front top with a mesh back (DIY coming soon if I can find one)
With newly pierced 2nd earholes, I needed some studs to spice up the new holes. making it easier when deciding which earrings to choose in the morning- BOTH!
Scarves with fun graphics and patterns add some flare to a casual-dressed day. 

Friday, February 17

Quick NYFW Pic

Spring is on the way an these colorful pics make me even more anxious for it to come. I bought glasses like this pink (it's in the online cart at least) and they waiting to be worn with a funky outfit!

These are some snapshots I put together from my favorite New York Fashion Week fashion show- Jeremy Scott. I'm definitely gonna go with the guess that says that the inspiration for this collection was rainbows...or a box of Skittles with weave! 

Thursday, February 16

Save $125 on The Same Bag!

I saw a satchel-type messenger bag at Forever 21 and was shocked later on to find a look-a-like for nearly 5X the XXI price! That is unbelievable. I feel bad for whoever wasted there money on the expensive one! But really, no one will have the guts to physically walk up to you and check the inside of your bag to make sure it's a brand-name. So why would we kill to have a purse with an INSIDE label on it no bigger than 5 grains of rice? That's fashion for ya' check out the pics.

See? It's unbelievable right? A couple DIY steps or Google-ing could easily save you over $100, if you like the color of the 1st one better. What do you think? Did you ever save yourself from spending over $50 more for the same product?

Wednesday, February 15

Fashion Week Reviews

So since this is New York Fashion Week, I was looking back at some Fashion Week photos from September the last couple of years. I realized that I still actually like some of them. I viewed them as very fashion-forward because they are still trendy too! A couple of my favorites were from the Fashion Weeks in Paris (still working on getting there), Milan, and London.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012
This collection, designed by Christopher Bailey, featured upbeat colors, with a dash of a homemade or traditional feel using the beading, knitted materials, knee-length pleated skirts, etc. However, I felt that although this was one of my favorites, the concept was a bit overdone. I don't know, just the whole "oh, I based my collection off of the inspiration of a 1960's women's life," You know what I mean?

Proenza Schouler Resort 2011
Proenza Schouler Resort 2011
Just when I begin to say that I can't see the necklace, I realize how great this outfit is! I especia- POW! That green satchel-style handbag had the same effect on me. A sudden focal punch of color from a whole different color scheme. My exact words- "Ooo, look at those cute vertical stripes! I really like that blazer. The two patterns work well togeth- oh did you SEE that lime green bag?" A little busy and unusual for it to be in a ready-to-wear category, but most fashionistas would like the uniqueness of it. Good job Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. From this photo I'm sure the line was a hit in the city.
Givenchy Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Givenchy Spring 2012
As for this last outfit, I love the overall modern feel of it. The collared sleeveless button-down shirt, the fitted pants, and the 2-strap matching shoes make the perfect foundation for the loose blazer-looking vest. I love it! I don't even think it would need accessories. Still, I wouldn't dare to leave out at least a pair of embellished studs, but the option is always good to have I guess.

Tuesday, February 14

Ode to Style

I have no Valentine this year so I wrote this love letter to my valentine- style of course! Here's my (original) ode to style.

Dear Style,
Why do you enslave me so? 
Your collections are invincible, but I'm sure you know.
With your purses, bracelets and dresses galore-
You fill my blog with Couture and more.
I'm a prisoner to my thoughts when I think of you-
I don't want to be be free though- 
Yes indeed, it's true!
From velour to neoprene to the charms and the fragrance-
You fill my wishlist with your stylish acquaintance.
The buckles and zippers of heels can't compare-
To the logo on the box that is always there.
The handbags are a dream, just truly amazing-
The unlimited accessories always keeping praising.
I'm perfectly okay with being your slave-
You're what I need and desire, like a man needs to shave.
So okay, I'm wrapped around your manicured finger,
 Always, dear style, your essence, will linger.
You are infinite, forever, determined, and nocturnal-
Because fashions will fade but you, are eternal.

I love you style! This is my Valentine to you. Ta-da! What do you think? What's your "ode to style"? Who's your special valentine? Comment it out!

Monday, February 13

Tiny Printer for Your Smartphone!

Here's your treat for this Monday. Isn't it cute? It's called the Little Printer. This is one I would definitely buy and use everyday. 

  • There's a smartphone app that you subscribe to different things to (like a daily sudoku puzzle, your current foursquare ranking, daily news, the weather for the day, a to-do list that you make yourself, the newest posts on your fave blog, and more)
  • Everyday at a time you choose, the Little Printer will print out your subscriptions on a little piece of paper that can be as long as your scroll of subscriptions are
  • The best part is, all you have to worry about is refilling the roll of paper, because Little Printer does not use ink! It is a thermal printer- meaning it uses heat to transfer an impression onto its special paper.
Any more questions? Looking to buy one? Visit the FAQ page HERE.
Check out the video below and be dazzled by its adorably tiny size but amazing printing power!

The only downer is, the Little Printer is not up for sale yet. Honestly, I'll probably not feel like waiting up for it to let you guys know but if you email me in a couple weeks I guess I could let you know its status. Or, you could click HERE.

Sunday, February 12

Figure Flattering Fit n' Flare Dress

Try to say that title 5 times fast! Trend alert! Okay so I was doing my daily dose of online browsing for things to buy with my oodles of money (JK- more like 3 dollars, a corn flake, and lint!) when I found some interesting pieces.

Some dresses really stood out to me because of how they were put together. But I noticed a trend seeping through, one that I like to call Fit-n-Flare.

This is when a dress is tight at the top, has a seam near the waist, and then flares out at the bottom. These are perfect for flattering or evening out a figure and an adorable way to put a girly twist on a glam, sophisticated look. Even better, they look adorable with a belt resting right on top of that oh-so distinctive middle seam.


Saturday, February 11

Pretty Paris Makeup Look

Since I'm in a let's-celebrate-the-early-spring mood, I decided to give you guys a new look! P&G Beauty Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath created this makeup look inspired by the CoverGirl Blast Collection. It's perfect for spring and is ultra girly, which is the secret to ultra Parisian style! The best part about it, is that it's one of those very rare looks that can be flawless on any skin tone. Since it's from the CoverGirl website, the link will only use CoverGirl products.

What I noticed was the minimal shadow (neutral tones), brown sparkly mascara, matte-finished lips, and blush to contour the face. It was simple and fresh. Perfect for spring, or the special red and pink heart-filled day coming up on Tuesday! Try it out!