Wednesday, February 1

A Belted Beauty

CONTEST! Can you guess how many there are?
(Email me for details and qualifications)
During last week's Fashion Friday, I stocked up on mostly accessories and a couple of shirts. The main accessories though, were all belts. I have a ton (and wear one nearly everyday) so I'm surprised I don't have a billion posts about them already. I'd say the best thing about them is the fact that they flatter figures, hold everything in place, and that they have extreme variety.

Wide, skinny, braided, plain, studded, patterned, sequined, leather, velvet, cloth, corduroy, and that's not the end. In addition to that, the buckles come in so many different styles, each of them all so unique. There's square, round, knotted, even light up or name buckles! (which btw, I always thought were extremely tacky)

With jeans, I stick to wide and solid colored belts. They pop with color, but aren't too much and wont pull farther than my jeans when I sit down. I hate that! Wide belts are amazing when you pair them with a jumpsuit, a plain tank and patterned maxi skirt, or a dress.

Now lets focus on my favorite- SKINNY BELTS! I love how slim, neat and cute these belts are. They make you look slimmer too! Stores always find a way to pack lots of fun into such a tiny package, like dynamite! (Don't worry. I'm not a psycho that plays with dynamite.) Anyway, I normally wear them with shorts, skirts, or fit-n-flare dresses. How do you wear them? Which is your fave?


  1. Love this Blog!! Well, wider belts is my favorite because it flatters my waistline and hide my belly fat (just keeping it real). LOL! Although belts can be flattering on some people it tends to give you a waste line so for fuller figures it can be suicide. I like how you gave examples of the different belts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i agree! i laughed at the "it can be suicide" part. thanks for submitting to the contest tho! I'm still not sure what the prize is. i guess i should be deciding ast shuldn't i? : P