Thursday, February 16

Save $125 on The Same Bag!

I saw a satchel-type messenger bag at Forever 21 and was shocked later on to find a look-a-like for nearly 5X the XXI price! That is unbelievable. I feel bad for whoever wasted there money on the expensive one! But really, no one will have the guts to physically walk up to you and check the inside of your bag to make sure it's a brand-name. So why would we kill to have a purse with an INSIDE label on it no bigger than 5 grains of rice? That's fashion for ya' check out the pics.

See? It's unbelievable right? A couple DIY steps or Google-ing could easily save you over $100, if you like the color of the 1st one better. What do you think? Did you ever save yourself from spending over $50 more for the same product?


  1. totally agree... That's why I'd rather get a version of the satchel than the real cambridge satchel :)


    1. definitely! btw, love your Vogue spread post (just checked it out)