Tuesday, January 31

Take A Chance on The...Blazer

Today I took a trip to the Metropolitan Museum and was inspired because of how many other daring creations were constantly around me. I believe the same "take a risk" theory must apply to every part of every outfit I put on. With that being said (or should I say "typed"), here's my risk for today:

Black Blazer- H&M $13
I paired a black blazer with bright leggings and a floral button-down shirt. Then I downgraded the blazer a bit with a medium-dyed denim skirt. I also dared to include multiple pieces that I made myself without it looking tacky. Speaking of tacks, check out my belt! How did I make it all work you ask? I will be posting tutorials later on this week (for Fashion Friday perhaps). Send me pics of how you paired your blazer if you want them up on a new page I'm thinking of.

Forget Winter! I in full on SPRING MODE!
Gray Crew Socks- Forever 21
Studded Belt- MADE BY ME! (tutorial coming soon!)
3 Side-Twists Braided Together in a (messy & casual) TUTORIAL COMING SOON!
Look Closer! Thumbtacks as earrrings!


  1. loving your floral top! very cute belt too



    1. thank you so much! you should follow- there'll be much more where that came from. : )