Saturday, January 14

Cirque de soLACE

So, yesterday I took myself on a mall haul with some money I had leftover from the holidays. I must say, I was inspired to make this post because of all the lace I saw. Now, I know you're probably thinking, "GOTH ALERT! Where are you going with this ROXY? Goth and lace left the runway ages ago! are you TRYING to make me look like my grandmothers couch?!"

But believe me guys, it's back. Not necessarily in the form of all-day-every-day-black-i-love-the-dark-side-goth-chick clothes, but lace sewn together in a different way- a stylish, classy way. In my opinion, it looks amazingly flattering, but at the same time, can be cute or fun too.

It's at its best when it's laying casually over denim, or holding the back of a patterned shirt together. There's lace- tights belts, shirts, dresses, leggings, pants, bows, shoes, clutches, shirts, etc. Check it out:

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