Thursday, March 1

1st Spring 2012 Outfit Post!

In this outfit, I focused on the spring florals, a small splash of color, and a fresh feel with white denim. I kept my hair simple and bohemian. The goal was to create the PERFECT mix of everything trending and casual/cute. Where to find casual pieces? The basic stores like Old Navy, Forever 21, and H&M of course!

A ruffled, polka dotted, and floral crop top. Sounds crazy huh? I think it works pretty well for an expected commotion wouldn't you say?
There it is! That headwrap is the key to this hairdo. Two simple twists, (bang pinned down for the day) and the flower headwrap to correspond to the shirt's pattern and the beaded bracelets.

Sporty denim canvas sneaks and slight frayed white denim keep it cool and casual.

Just a little roundup pic of today's props!

1, Flower Headwrap- Forever 21
2. Beaded Bracelets- H&M
3. Sky Blue UnderTank- Old Navy
4. White Denim Skirt- Target
5. Denim Canvas Sneaks- Forever 21
6. NoShow Socks- Journey's
7. Polka Floral Top- Forever 21

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