Tuesday, January 3

Style Spot!: Modest Modae

On the runway and in the stores the look has slowly become much more modest. From the higher necklines, to the longer bottom lengths, and even the garment sleeves have been stylishly retro. Didn't notice? I guess that's just the Virgo observable perfectionist eye in me. But, also, materials like lace, ruffles, mesh, and floral pattern have also discretely and tastefully made their way into the sketches of designers. Folds, seams, and creases give the garment a wonderful flow. The color palettes are slightly darker (the burgundy, black, navy blue, and creme) with a touch of modern color, or bling, if you will. Their is also a less revealing side to it that although can intrude on the purpose of some apparel, but I think is absolutely genius. Here are some pictures (click them to view larger):


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