Sunday, January 1

Colorful Pants

Winter doesn't always have to be boring. Here's an idea for your wardrobe's upcoming upgrade. To get to a store's website, just click the name of it anywhere you see it in the post:

Splashing some colorful pants into a pool of gloomy "winter color shades" will certainly do wonders! Any style,any color, any fit (they look best in skinny or straight fit)- just get some! Sold for the least price at Forever 21.

For the best look, wear them in Straight or Skinny fit, as shown in the pictures to the left. Pair them up with a blazer, knit top, or a blouse and heels, flats, boots, whichever you like!

Just like any other bold fashion technique, be sure to make this the focal point of the outfit. Being unique, bright and full of patterns was never a bad thing, but don't overdue it with too many bold things. If you do, your whole outfit is sure to be a big clash.

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