Monday, January 9

Closet Makeover- My Results!

To start with some background info, my closet only provides 39 feet of room. Not 39 ft. as in the length or height; 39 ft. as in the length, height, and width MULTIPLIED by each other. That's a shame. It has 2 rods but I only use the bottom 1 (b/c they're too close together to hang things without them hanging onto the lower rod). There is 1 shelf each at the top and bottom. Half of the closet was useless! For a girl, especially a fashion blogger and fashion addict needing as much space as possible, this is TORTURE. I had to do something...

I wanted to remodel my closet without having to even look at a screwdriver or a hammer more than once. So as I surfed the web, I got inspired. I followed the instructions in the previously posted Closet Makeover Tips post. Here are my results. (Sorry- I didn't remember to take a "before" pic until I'd already cleaned out the closet.) I'd love to see and respond to yours!


What are those loops under the shelf for? GOTTA GO!
It's a problem if I'm standing 1 ft. away but can still fit
the entire closet opening in one shot.

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