Sunday, January 1

Metal meets Apparel

Metallics are shiny, but not tacky shiny. It's classy and fun shiny! When mixed with a dark color, or even more color, it really brings out the freshness and sparkle of winter. It's the perfect way to dazzle up a blah winter outfit. Get metallic in anything from pants to blazers to shorts and shirts too. Be careful though- too much of a good thing leads to fashion disaster and could leave you looking like walking tin foil. Caution: Only wear as the focal point of an outfit. Try it out now at Lord & Taylor, and Forever 21 then send us pictures!



  1. I love wearing metallic accessories (nail polish, bracelets, necklaces, etc..) it's definitely a great way to look classy, yet modern:) great post!

    1. thanks Kashara! You'll never guess how I got the inspiration for this post- I spilled my silver nail polish on my jeans!