Friday, January 20

Manicured Modae

Here's how to get that perfect manicure! Whether it be a classic french, or some great nail art from YouTube, you can find the basics here. Here are 15 steps that apply to any mani or pedi.

  1. Close the door & open a window to air out weird-smelling, harmful fumes. (blah blah- MOTHERLY ALERT!)
  2. Spread some blank paper. Printer paper is fine. (not newspaper- it's too thin and the ink will mess up your nails).
  3. Remove your old nail polish gently. Don't press too hard or rub vigorously.
  4. Cut your nails into the shape of your choice. (squared, straight, rounded, clawed, natural, etc.)
  5. File your nails in one direction to smooth the pointy edges from cutting.
  6. Wash your hands with soap and water and lock in moisture with lotion.
  7. Gently push your cuticles back. Scrape any remaining residue from the dead cuticle (that white skin stuff) off and press the cuticles to their new spot. 
  8. Rub your hands together (without applying more lotion). Use nail polish remover to take the lotion off of the nails.
  9. Apply a base coat (a non shine top coat or strengthener will do just fine)
  10. To "shake" the nail polish, DON'T SHAKE IT. Simply roll it in between your hands to prevent air bubbles.
  11. Apply the polish with 3 vertical strokes (from cuticle to tip) per coat. Coats should be as thin as possible to last longer.
  12. To make designs, use tools like toothpicks, skinny brushes, or tape.
  13. Allow nails to dry completely and do not touch them to "make sure". LET THEM DRY.
  14. Put on the top coat in 3 vertical strokes. Just one coat of top coat is necessary.
  15. Let the top coat dry completely, and sit back and ADORE your nails! 
Send us pics, comment, or send me a video. ANY video I get, as long as it's appropriate will be posted onto the YouTube channel. Can't wait to here from you!

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