Sunday, January 15

"Dream Catcher" Look @ Forever21

As you know, Forever 21 is my all time favorite store- like, EVER (That's not an ad by the way. : ) I just always find myself peeping in there when I'm on a mall haul. I like their concept of "if it's in, it's in here- old news, next store" too.).

Their new look is featured now on the site and most stores around and about. Dream Catcher collection is all about fringe, tribal patterns, denim, feathers, studs and tribal colored themes.
In the accessory department, there's plenty of feathers, beads, and threaded details which sort of make each piece look like, well, a dream catcher. I'm thinking that the inspiration was Native American tribal type of things and Goddess-like Ancient Egypt and Rome.

In clothes, I see a lot of  fringe, maxi skirts, and colors like beige, burgundy, brown, rusty orange, gold, mustard yellow, navy blue, and turquoise. I also notice almost like a "logo" that is like a fingerprint for Dream Catcher style- arrows and geometric patterns. I personally are not a fan of the plain arrows but when they are made into a pattern and paired with fringe and a body-con skirt, it's to die for.

Don't know what a dream catcher is? -Hmm, sucks for you. Just kidding, pictures below of one and also some outfits at Forever 21. To visit the collections's page click [HERE].

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