Wednesday, November 30

Style SPOT!: Combat/Lace-up Boots

Lately, there has barely been a normal looking boot in sight! They've all been boots that need to be laced up like an X-high sneaker! They're called combat boots and they come in mostly neutral tones like black, brown, and tan. I have 2 pairs myself. One is the usual brown color, however, it has almost like sponged spots of a lighter brown on them- Very vintage! The other pair I wasn't planning to buy but its gorgeous, unique creme color with patterned laces forced me to! (In the pic below I put the plain laces in.) BTW, both of mine were both under $25. Break old trends without breaking the bank! Look at the pic for an idea of how to put together combat boots with cute tuxedo leggings, a knit top, a denim jacket, and VERY few accessories.

Send pics of your favorite pair of combat or lace-up boots (whether they're yours or not) to!

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