Wednesday, November 16

Accessories Granted

Hey fashionistas! Today I've posted some great jewelry, sold by Nicola Hampson. She specializes in buying one-of-a-kind jewelry, then re-selling it to family, friends, and other customers wanting some unique jewelry! Recently, I went to her website and even stopped by her house to get some business cards. Here are some pictures of the merchandise. To see more jewelry, detailed pictures, or ways to contact her, visit

Inked Metal Drop Earring
Brown, and Black Separate Body Necklaces
Beaded Dropdown Necklace
Drop-Down Crystaled Tri-Chain
Drop-Down Crystaled Tri Chained (same as previous pic)
Chained Long Drop-down Chain
Multi-Sized Chained Necklace
Multi-Sized Chained Necklace (same as previous - up close)
Charmed Leather-String Long Necklace

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