Sunday, August 28

Store Reviews

Want totally awesome and unique style? Looking for a new look? Here are some stores to help you get your shop on, and make sure your stylish!

1. Forever 21 - More modern, trendy, and teen style. Also, great occasion clothes. A pretty well-rounded store when it comes to having the latest trends. The accessories are great and the prices can't be beat for all the not-cheap stuff.

2. H&M - For a more professional looking chic. Always great prices and stocks up on all the common trends.

3. New York & Company - Anything you buy in here is always work appropriate, but not frumpy or boring. It's the perfect  balance of professional palettes and weekend color.

4. Aeropastale - Although their clothes fit great, EVERYONE wears it! Not the place for a trendsetting fashionista. Mostly casual and "aeropastale" is written on way  too many of the items. I do love how they have colors to match the season instead of being pure darkness 24/7, 365 days a year, though.

5. Hollister - I feel like just the mood of the store alone is too dark. However, at some parts of the year, they have certain items that would be key base items for an outfit but I personally wouldn't trust them to supply me with a whole outfit.

6. Abercrombie - Basically, too much burghundy, black, grey, and brown. No offense if that's all you have in your closet, but try some brighter colors sometime, you know?

7. Claire's - It is accessory heaven! They always have what's in style, but also always have other items that may not be in style, but your style. Great for any thing you need from necklaces to earrings to jewelry holders to clutches to cell phone cases, to free ear piercing, etc. They've got it all! They are unnecessarily expensive at times, but their constant 10 for $10 sales totally make up for it. Still give it a try!

8. Old Navy - At times, they have really nice stuff, but others their size charts would be ridiculously off. Otherwise, I love them, especially their graphic tees, adorable cardigans, and spring skirts/dresses.

9. Hot Topic - Good for middle/high school style, nothing more, nothing less. I personally don't like it, because it seems just too "punk" or "rock rebel" for me.

10. HSN - The Home Shopping Network is a little unpredictable. Certain items are overpriced compared to places like Walmart, Best Buy, etc. but other times you get a great buy!

11. Lord & Taylor - Fashionable and they have good prices what they offer. It's literally, the stirring pot of all couture stores in one. Their departments like perfume, jewelry, and coats are always gorgeous.

12. Macy's - I think they have pretty good things, you just have to dig a little deeper. The Juniors department is great, up to date, and they always have your style.

13. Sears - Not very trendy, but you can always a great coat there...if that means anything to you. In other words, read my emoticon- : P

Go check em' out, and by the next time you visit ROXYmodae, you should be able to send me a pic of what you got! Any suggestions for new stores? Send them to

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