Wednesday, October 12


Q: What are some Boho Style staple materials & pieces?
A: Floral, suede, fringe, maxi skirts and dresses, knits, feathers, beads, and colors like khaki, brown, tan, crème, and coral. Boho is all about having a carefree style. A boho chick loves her some layered patterns, earthy/natural tones, and fabrics cut right from nature itself.

Slap some comfy moccasins on those piggies and roll out! Of course if this short description wasn't enough, you can always, oh I don't know...READ BELOW!

Unique or floral maxi skirts are gold when paired with a plain tank top (tucked in) and adorable gladiator sandals or neutral wedges. With a dress, add a braided belt to define your shape. Pile on the detailed bangles and a statement ring on the opposite hand. Got a denim vest? Put it over a floral shirt or dress, add strap heels on the feet, and drop/feather earrings. Throw your hair into a curly up-do with wispy bangs still down. BOOM!

Don't like the whole skirt or dress idea? A beaded necklace, moccasins, and a shirt with top detail go great with a pair of slim-fitted dark colored blue jeans. Roll the bottom of the jeans up to show off your shoes. Try some denim shorts (preferably ripped with a wide brown belt), leggings underneath, and knee socks scrunched enough to just peep out of lace-up boots. On top, put on a lace top, a cardigan longer than the shorts length, and a to-the-side hairdo. Roll or push up the cardigans sleeves to elbow length and use the new arm space for 1 or 2 very bold bangles. Send us pics!

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