Thursday, March 22

Fringe Crop DIY

At last! I present to you, a typical logo/organization Tshirt that's acceptable in public! It's a cute little DIY specially for one searching for purpose of their shamelessly oversized free Tshirt from an event or so. Don't think it can be done? You gotta DIY it to believe it! Check out the video below or go to the ROXYmodae YouTube channel. Also feel free to combine this DIY with others. Be extra creative! Add studs or rhinestones to the shoulders of the shirt. Cut the sleeves zigzagged. Tie knots and add beads on the fringes. Do whatever- it's YOUR shirt, do what you want with it. The best part, it won't take you more than 10 minutes!

Got your own blog? With a link leading back to this blog, this particular video is allowed to be used on other blogs. (This is your permission, so no email needed.)


  1. Oh my gosh! I just made a fringed dress for an indian costume yesterday! so weird. Love your nails!

    1. what a cowinkidink! and thank you!