Friday, October 26

My 1st NYFW Experience!

I've had quite a full birthday weekend! Possibly the best I've ever had too. Besides the amaze-balls fact that my new sparkly pink debit card finally came in the mail, my birthday treat was to an event during New York Couture Fashion Week. With all the buzz during the actual NYFW, I decided to save this post until now to spice up your October a bit.

The show featured the work of 4 designers. Two were Women's clothing lines, 1 Male, and a unisex line. Personally I thought the women's lines were fabulous. Because it was Couture, they were all dresses and a few really stuck out to me! I took plenty pictures and videos so I won't go too in detail now. It was such a cool experience I'm sure I'll never forget it.

I created a bit of a video diary showing me, my mom, and her best friend before and after the show too. It will be on the ROXYmodae Youtube Channel tonight, as a Friday treat! Get to watch the show as if you were sitting next to the birthday girl myself, in 2nd row by the way! Enjoy and TGIF guys ;*


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    1. i wouldn't mind at all! I only hope you'll support as well.