Saturday, October 20

2 Blowdryer Tricks You Didn't Know (having nothing to do with hair!)

We all know the main purpose of your blow dryer, to get the wet tangles (that's my hair at least) out of your hair after a rejuvinating wash. However, I bet you didn't know your blowdryer could do these 2 little tricks. Shhh! It's a ROXY secret I've finally decided to share with you-

1. Get your eyelashes' curl to last longer- Take your eyelash curler, and with your blowdryer set to High, heat the rubber for no more than 7 seconds. Curl as usual and it'll last MUCH longer. Think, you wouldn't try to crimp your hair with a cold, unplugged iron would you? Heat and hair are a long-lasting duo! Makes sense doesn't it? Don't know how to use one? No worries, more on that is up ahead for sure.

2. Break in those new shoes- This one takes about 15 minutes if you can squeeze into some free time, but it's worth the days of fashionable pain you'll prevent! Simply slip on some thick socks, put on your shoes, and blowdry the front and/or sides of the shoe's tip and heel. (It works better on flats.) While the heat is still blowing, wiggle your toes around and budge your feet a bit (still wearing the socks). After about 10-20 minutes, take the socks off and try out those bad boys! More tips on breaking in shoes are in a post-in-progress.

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