Thursday, October 18

Drop Your Curling Iron for a Curling Wand- NOW!

          It's been a while but I thought I'd just pop in to review my curling wand extravaganza! If you are convinced that your curling iron is you only hope of getting good curls, think again! To start,

  • a wand is much healthier for your hair, no matter what type or texture 
  • They're made with infused Keratin, or other hair treatments depending on the quality of the one you purchase; no need for the products
  • If you have extremely thick hair like mine, you actually don't have to straighten your hair before getting to curl it! 
  • Instead of clamping down and sizzling hair like an iron, a wand is just wrap and go, with adjustable heat to help you choose your curl size. No need for a million different sized irons if you can simply turn a temperature dial! Go from tight curls to loose glamourous waves in seconds
Now, you know me. If it didn't work well, I am definitely one to return the waste of mall money! I've conducted my own study experimenting with my own hair to see if it's worth the $30..........

1. I left 1/2 of my hair blowdried (un-straightened). The other half, I did my normal blowdry-flat iron routine.

2. With my curling iron I curled the pin-straight side with a stopwatch set. With my wand I curled the other side, expecting more trouble.

When did I fall in love with that wand? When the results said that the curl ironed, expected-to-be-a-breeze side took 17 mins. longer than the side that wasn't even straight! Not to mention but my wand didn't give my hair that "i know now, beauty is pain" burnt smell. No sizzling or steam, yet the curls looks nourished and shinier from my Keratin-infused wand. They don't call it a "wand" for nothing! Trust me, just drop the curling iron because Snoop was wrong, it is NOT hot anymore!

I've tried a few lines and companies but by far, Remington is the leader in magic wands. Whoops! I meant, curling wands ;) Be aware of "Bed Head", "Conair" or knockoff curling wands. I've found they're not nearly as good as Remington!

I'll post the exact name of mine sometime this week, but for now, here's what it looks like. Try your own experiment and post it on your blog, then email me if you want me to feature it on ROXYmodae. Can't wait to hear from ya!

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