Monday, July 2

I'm Back!

Dear fashionable followers,
          Boy has it been a while! I know it late but I had to come back to ROXYmodae. I missed the blog way too much to go any longer without my fingers eagerly tapping style into these keys and sprinkling fashion glitter onto your dashboards. For some reason, kept saying "I haven't blogged in way too long. Might as well not until something big is happening. I probably lost all follower loyalty anyway. Hmm..." But then I realized, there's always something big in fashion! New trends, new things I like, even a simple shopping spree for the day is worth a post! Oh how I wish I could just rewind time and makeup for all the missed blog-worthy things. 

          Well, since I last blogged I've taken wonderful trips and practically got a whole new wardrobe! Ontario, Niagara Falls, and (my favorite) Montreal were all in the mix too. I've learned new makeup tricks, accepted a couple collabo opportunities and got a Twitter. Speaking of social networks, I reached my goal of 250 pics on Instagram. I discovered my love of crew socks, and finally got my iPhone! I can't wait to catch up and share my world, with the other world. Lots of posts (maybe even a view new YouTube videos) are to come.

                                                                                           Love you guys and thanks for keeping loyal following,

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